Springhill Taekwondo

1st Probationary and Recommended Black Belt

Kwang Gae 

Kwang Gae was named after Kwan Gae Ta Wang, 19th king of the Kogurayu Dynasty who recovered all of the lost territories including the greater part of Manchuria.  out this great video

1st Decided Black Belt


Po-Eun is the pseudonym of the loyal subject Chong Moong-Chu (1400 AD). He was a famous poet and a pioneer in the field of physics.

1st Senior Black Belt


Ge-Baek is named after Ge-Baek, a great General in the Baek Je Dynasty (660 AD).   out this great video

2nd Probationary Black Belt


Choong- Jang is the pseudonym given to General Kim Duk Ryanf who lived during the Yi Dyanasty, 14th century.

2nd Decided Black Belt


Named after General Kim Yoo Sin, a commanding general during the Silla Dynasty.

2nd Senior Black Belt


Ul-Ji is named after General Ul-Ji Moon Duk who successfully defended Korea against a Tang's invasion force of nearly 1 million soldiers. out this great video

3rd Probationary Black Belt


Yon-Gae is named after a famous general, General Yon Gae Somoon, who commanded during the Koguryo Dynasty. out this great video

3rd Decided Black Belt


Juche is the Korean philosophy that stated man the master of his own destiny.

3rd Senior Black Belt


Ko-Dang is the pseudonym of the patroit Cho Man Ik. who dedicated his life to the secession and education of Korean. out this great video

4th Degree Black Belt

Choi Yong

Choi Yong is named after General Choi Yong, commander of the armed forces during the 14th century Koryo dynasty. 

4th Senior Black Belt

Tong I l

Tong Il denotes the resolution of the unification of Korea that has been divided since 1945. 

5th Degree Black Belt


Moon-Moo, the 30th King of the Silla dynasty. According to his will, the body was placed in the sea "Where my soul shall forever defend my land against the Japanese."